State troopers on the hunt for aggressive drivers



The Florida Highway Patrol is in the midst of a campaign to ticket aggressive drivers.

The enforcement effort seeks to reduce crashes between passenger cars and large commercial vehicles and will last through March 26.

“Aggressive driving occurs when a motorist commits two or more moving violations, such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, following too closely, not yielding the right of way, improper passing, or failure to obey traffic control devices,” Colonel David Brierton, Florida Highway Patrol’s director, said.

“Any one of these behaviors is dangerous by itself, and a combination of these can be deadly.”

When driving among large trucks, FHP advises motorists to stay out of the “no zone,” the blind spots in front of, behind and on both sides of the big rigs.

For a trucker to see you, pass on the left side and don’t cut in front too soon because large trucks can’t stop as fast as smaller vehicles, the experts say.

And if you see an aggressive or intoxicated driver, you can report him or her by dialing *FHP (*347).