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Florida's SunPass Can Now be Used in North Carolina

Florida SunPassFlorida SunPass drivers can now drive through North Carolina tolls hassle free.

North Carolina is the first state to accept Florida SunPasses at its tollbooths. Within just 3 years, Florida drivers will be able to cruise through tolls in any US state without having to enroll in another state's toll program.

This initiative has come into effect after years of complaints from South Florida drivers, especially snow birds, who have demanded one simplified transponder that could be used in every state.

Billing, reimbursement between states, and drivers who manage to trick the system have delayed the process, but legislation is finally moving forward.

SunPass drivers can now travel the Triangle Expressway, near Raleigh, and all-electronic toll roads throughout the Tar Heel state. The tolls will be paid electronically and billed directly to the driver's Florida SunPass account. In return, the North Carolina Quick Pass is now accepted on tolls throughout Florida.

An agreement between Florida and Georgia for the Peach Pass is expected be next, though no dates have been announced. A nationwide transponder system is set to be in place by October 2016.


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