Who is the Best Florida Traffic Attorney?


Let’s face it, when you have a problem, you want to find the best person to help you. If you needed surgery, you wouldn’t seek out the most average surgeon, you’d try to find the best doctor you could. So, when it comes to the Florida traffic ticket you just received, you want the best traffic attorney you can find.

But, how do you determine the best traffic ticket attorney? Well, that’s not always easy to determine. But here’s a brief synopsis of things that you should look for to help you make the decision.

You certainly need to find an experienced attorney. Just like in the surgery analogy, the last thing you want is someone who’s never done it before. Like everything else, the more traffic tickets an attorney has handled, generally, the better the attorney. But don’t just look at some huge number of tickets handled by the firm. No, you need to dig a little deeper to find out how many traffic tickets, the ATTORNEY has handled, not necessarily the firm.

Don’t just go with a name. Did you know, most of the “big” traffic ticket firms don’t have a partner or founder who goes to court on a regular basis? How do I know this? Because my partner Kevin Unger is in court every day, in fact, he’s usually in more than one courthouse, nearly all day long and knows who is present and who isn’t.

Now, experience is only one of many pieces of the puzzle. You should also be looking for someone who gets great results in court. Now, results can be a tricky thing. Unfortunately, for most people, anything short of a complete dismissal is a lousy result, but the truth is, NO Florida traffic attorney, that handles cases on a regular basis has a 100% dismissal rate. It’s just not possible or realistic to think an attorney can get every case dismissed.

But, that being said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things an attorney can do to increase the number of cases that are dismissed, and that’s where having an attorney who goes to court every day helps. Only by going to court every day, can you stay up on all the latest information and take full advantage of every possible legal maneuver. And lastly, if a dismissal isn’t possible, having an attorney who will work hard to get the next best thing (usually court costs instead of points and traffic school) is critically important.

So how can you find an attorney who is willing to work hard to get you the best results? Easy, pick up the phone and have a conversation with the attorney. Or try to talk to someone who has used the attorney in the past and see what they say. What you are trying to do, is determine if the attorney is someone who cares enough about you to “go the extra mile.” If you call the office and the staff seems unwilling to let you speak with the attorney, or tries to give you the impression that the attorney is too busy to get on the phone, that’s a pretty good indication of the level of commitment the attorney has to his/her clients.

At Unger & Kowitt, Kevin Unger and I have worked tirelessly for over 20 years helping our clients by doing everything possible to try and get the best results in court. We stay late returning phone calls, as we know many clients have questions that can only be answered by an attorney. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear people’s shock when we call them back at 7pm or later. We have built our reputation by trying to do everything the “right” way, as we feel it’s the only way to achieve long term success.

Obviously, I’m biased about who the best Florida traffic attorney is, but I honestly encourage you to take a few minutes before you hire the first name given to you. I think if you consider some of the things in this blog post, you’ll easily be able to choose the best attorney for you.

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