Did Amal Clooney Take a Shot at Traffic Attorneys?

A response to Amal Clooney, from a South Florida traffic attorney:

In her first TV interview in the United States, Amal Clooney recently went on the Today show and was asked about the difficult work she does as a human rights attorney. When Cynthia McFadden, the NBC correspondent pointed out that her work is difficult she responded by saying, 

“If you are a lawyer and you wanted to take on easier cases, you can prosecute traffic violations. You’d have a very high rate of success and you probably could sleep more easily at night.” (it's at the 4:00 mark)

Amal Clooney taking a shot at traffic attorneys

So, if I understand correctly, as a traffic attorney who goes against traffic prosecutors all day long, she’s saying she’d crush me and my firm? Ouch!

Before I defend myself and my fellow traffic ticket attorneys, allow me to say that Amal Clooney does do important work. No doubt about it. But why did she have to take a shot at my chosen career path? What happened to attorney’s sticking up for one another? I went to law school, passed the bar and have helped almost one million clients. Any professional appreciation? Hardly?

Think about it, do you ever hear brain surgeons taking shots at dermatologists? “Hear any good pimple jokes lately?” Of course not, doctors seem to be above that sort of nonsense.

Clooney’s perception is that if she was a traffic prosecutor, she would have a very high rate of success. Again, I can only assume it’s because she feels either the work is easy or she’d be the smartest person in the room, but alas, not so fast.

Here’s where she’s wrong.

My firm and I go against traffic prosecutors all day long, and our success rate (as defined by no points on our client’s driving record) is, I’m happy to say, an almost perfect 98%. This means, the traffic prosecutor is only “successful” on 2% of the cases.

Maybe at Oxford, they have a traffic prosecutor class where she learned hidden tricks and would be enormously successful. Maybe she would be the world’s greatest traffic prosecutor and have tremendous success against my firm, in which case, I’m glad she’s out there fighting the “big fight” and allowing us to have success representing our clients.

But I guess when you are married to George Clooney, attended Oxford, clerked for a Supreme Court Justice, and fight for human rights on an international level, you can’t help but turn your nose at those of us who toil in traffic court.

That’s fine with me, I like helping my clients in the “easier” world of traffic court anyway. And you’re right, Amal, I sleep just fine.

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