The building wave of momentum against Florida’s red light cameras may have reached its crest last week when the Florida Supreme Court finally pointed its gavel at the controversial traffic ticket devices – even if it wasn’t exactly how detractors of the cameras might have dreamed. Depending upon how the court rules you could be in line for a refund if you received and paid for a red light traffic ticket before 2010.

You’ve just been pulled over for speeding on I-95, got snapped by a Red Light Camera in Coral Springs or are looking at a texting ticket to go along with the illegal lane change citation you received in Miami. What do you do next? Do nothing (always the worst idea) pay the fine or hire a traffic ticket attorney to battle it out on your behalf. If you know this blog, then you know what we think. HIRE A TICKET ATTORNEY! Here’s the 4 things everyone should know about hiring a traffic ticket attorney.  You can think of them as the Who, What, Where and Why.

Fighting a ticket is always a better choice than simply paying it or ignoring it altogether, even if that means heading over to the courthouse to do it yourself (provided you follow these steps). But the truth is, no matter how much (or little) prep work you do, I always strongly suggest using the services of a local traffic attorney. Traffic ticket attorneys, at least the good
ones, should all