Pembroke Pines Bringing Back Red Light Cameras

703px-red-light-camera-springfield-ohio-resized-600.jpgIf you drive in Pembroke Pines, get ready to lose more of your constitutional rights. The city just announced they are brining back the red light camera program after a 3 year hiatus.

The city had shut it down because it was costing more money than it was bringing in. Oh, and of course, it was determined to be illegal by the courts in a ruling from a case in the nearby city of Hollywood.

For years, when the city was sold a bill of goods by a private Red Light Camera company, it was always in the name of public safety. It wasn’t about the money, they would always say.

Sure, and that’s why they shut it down the moment they realized the system was costing more than it was bringing in. If it wasn’t about money, it would never have been shut down.

As I’ve said numerous times on this blog, there are dozens of things the city can do that don’t cost money that would increase safety. For one, placing a pause between the yellow and red, or extending the red even by a few seconds has proven effective in other cities. But that won’t generate money, so naturally, that won’t be done in Pembroke Pines.

The use of technology isn’t the problem here, it’s turning the constitution on it’s head in the name of money that bothers me. With Red Light Camera tickets, the state doesn’t have to prove you were driving. The burden falls on you to prove you were not driving and while you’re doing that, you better inform the state who was driving, or you’re still getting the ticket. So innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply here.

Another hypocrisy is that these tickets don’t carry points. The entire point system is to allow the state information on who shouldn’t be driving, or who needs additional training. But because Red Light Cameras have NOTHING to do with public safety, the state is not aware of how many times a person runs a red light with a camera, as long as the person pays the fine upon receiving the notice of violation.

So in theory, a person can run 20 red lights and get camera tickets every month and never lose his/her license, but if you get three speeding tickets in one year, you can lose your license for the year.

Personally, I think a person who runs a red light is much more dangerous than a person who speeds (assuming we’re not talking going 100 miles an hour in a school zone).

Although, now that Red Light Cameras are coming back in vogue, it won’t be long before speeding ticket cameras are here and then it’s Big Brother time.

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