Sirens blaring, flashing emergency lights, and mounting nerves can only mean one thing: a cop has spotted your car violating a traffic law and you're about to be pulled over. Regardless of whether you're a teenager and it is your first time getting pulled over or you've dealt with this experience before, don't panic. Equip yourself now with the tools to successfully survive getting pulled over the first time and any time thereafter.

Bad news: Your 16-year-old was carelessly cruising down the highway when suddenly he was startled by the wail of a police siren.  Slowing down at first sight of a cop didn't cut it this time and he was left with his first traffic ticket that could cost YOU hundreds of dollars in insurance rate hikes. What now?

Although the best way to get out of that ticket is to teach your teenager how to avoid it in the first place, Unger & Kowitt wants to make sure you know that all drivers, regardless of age, have three options when they do get that first traffic ticket.

Sweltering temperatures, vacation plans, and barbecues can only mean one thing: it's summertime in South Florida! For teens, summer signals more freedom and more time to spend behind the wheel. Teenagers are most likely to get their first traffic ticket during June, July, and August.

The consequences can include hundreds of dollars in insurance rate hikes and even traffic school. 

With more opportunities to receive that dreaded first teenage traffic ticket in Florida, here are four things every teenager (and their parents) should know to avoid getting a traffic ticket this summer.

By now most of you are aware of the Florida Appeals court ruling that was handed down last week that said the way the City of Hollywood was managing their red light cameras was unconstitutional.  That was certainly good news, a step in the right direction.  Understandably since then, our office has been flooded with questions.  I'll attempt to clarify, but this a rapidly moving situation.