Craziest Driver License Photo Ever

Wow!  So this is what it’s come to.  Our society is so concerned about offending anyone’s religious belief’s that anything goes down at the local DMV.  

At least it appears that way.  You tell me how else we could wind up with the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" woman who took a driver’s license photo with a pasta strainer on her head.  They’re called "Pastafarians.”  I only wish I was making this up.  See for yourself how absurd it is.



You can read the article here, but essentially, in an attempt to protest what she felt was the Kansas State Board of Education allowing the teaching of Intelligent Design as an alternative to Evolution, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster members believe that wearing a pasta strainer on their head is a way of expressing themselves.  Seriously?  This is allowed?  

I realize this particular woman is trying to make a statement, and I’m all for live and let live, but why can’t  the government be allowed to have rules when it comes to things that are privileges and not rights?

In case anyone forgot, having a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right.  As a result, in the name of safety, the government is allowed to institute things like a test to make sure you are able to drive and understand the rules before handing you a driver's license.

So, God forbid (pun intended), we respectfully ask people to remove their religious head coverings for the 5 seconds they need to take a photo so that they may be identified at some later date.  

If your religious beliefs require you to wear a pasta strainer on your head, it’s fine with me, and freedom of religion should protect you.  However, you should also understand that being so devout comes with a sacrifice, in this case, the ability to get a driver’s license.  The Amish value their religious beliefs above the convenience of traveling by car, orthodox jews walk Friday after sundown in deference to their religious beliefs.  It’s one of the many things that makes this country great.  The religious freedoms we all enjoy.  

But, like the freedom of speech that forbids yelling “fire” in a movie theater, why can’t the freedom of religion come with the caveat of not allowing head coverings of a certain circumference in a DMV photo?  I’m just not sure allowing people to take a rule to the extreme is a good idea, nor is making a mockery of  religious rituals.

What if someone’s religion forbid them to be photographed altogether?  Would we allow that person to obtain a driver’s license?  I think the answer is pretty clear, so how is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s obvious extreme example is not obvious?  I’m clearly missing something.  

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