Don't Eat Your Underwear to Get Out of a DUI

avoid a duiIn what may be the worst attempt to beat a breathalyzer and avoid being charged with DUI, a Canadian man actually attempted to eat his underwear.

Yes, you read that right.

I'm not sure if that fact, in and of itself, can be used to determine intoxication, but I wouldn't want to go in front of a jury with that piece of information and try to use that as a claim of innocence.

The man was hoping that by eating his underwear, the cotton in the brief (Imagine if he was wearing satin.  On second thought . . . don't) would absorb the alcohol in his system before he took his breathalyzer test.

There are so many better ways to defeat a breathalyzer machine, that when I read this, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  Hiring an attorney who handles DUI should always be someone's first option instead of trying to eat your own underwear after a night of drinking.

Breathalyzer machines are just that, machines.  And as such, they are fallible.  But in my opinion, only an attorney that has spent many years trying to learn the intricacies of such a machine really stand a chance. 

Stuffing your face with your underwear is exactly the kind of thing that might make perfect sense when your drunk.  Just like hiring a DUI attorney makes perfect sense when you're sober.

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