New Ruling Makes Red Light Camera Ticket Unconstitutional

red light camera ticket*** 7/29/2013-  To read new information in regards to red light camera tickets please visit our updated blog post. ***

There is great news in the Red Light Camera Ticket world.  A Broward County judge has ruled some Red Light Camera Tickets are unconstitutional and has thrown them out.

Now, before you run out and start running every red light you see, let me explain the ruling. 

For years, I've been railing against these red light camera tickets.  A quick glance at our blog will show at least half a dozen posts where I detail all my arguments against these money making devices being crammed down our throats.  Suffice to say, I have a host of problems with them.  And based on the feedback I'm getting, I know you do to.

Well, I'm pleased to report, little by little, the tide seems to be turning.

Judge Steven DeLuca, a Broward County Judge just signed an order where he agreed with one of my many complaints.  (It wasn't my motion he ruled on, but I've certainly raised these points here in the blog).  Here's the ruling in a nutshell.

Prior to the ruling, if two people owned a car together, meaning two names were on the registration, and that car went through a red light camera intersection, the name that appeared first on the registration was the one that would get the ticket. 

How crazy is that?  Who's making these ridiculous decisions?  What if three names appeared on the registration, would they resort to eenie, meenie, miney, mo?

Judge DeLuca's ruling says that by choosing the top name on the registration, it is a clear violation of the equal protection clause of the constitution which deals with treating similarly situated people differently (which in legal terms is a big "no-no").

It's become so obvious that the people in charge could care less about the constitution and only about sticking citizens with a huge fine in the hopes that they just shut up and pay.  Well guess what?  This ruling gives a voice to the people who refuse to just shut up and pay.

As I've been saying, we need to keep fighting back against this kind of nonsense.  Only by fighting back and voicing opposition will anything be done.

This ruling does not apply to all red light camera tickets that have been issued, so please don't run into every court using this argument.  At the moment, it's just this issue and only in front of Judge DeLuca.

If you have a red light camera ticket and want to fight back, I encourage you to do so.  But if you want a professional opinion for free, we're happy to watch your video and discuss your case with you.


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