Beware of Fake Speeding Ticket Email Scam

Putting politics aside, you might be able to learn from a series of emails received by Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  Apparently, computer hackers hoping to gain access to her computer created an email that looked just like a speeding ticket, tricking her into printing. The hope was by clicking on the button to print, Clinton would have activated a code giving hackers access to her entire hard drive.

Please do not read this and think I am being political.  Although the hackers probably had political motives, the point of me sharing this story is not to engage in political debate, it is to educate you.

We live in crazy times (you don’t need me to tell you that).  Hackers get up in the morning and instead of going to a “normal” job, they sit at a computer and try to come up with ways to lure people into activating nefarious computer programs hidden in emails presumably for money or to steal your personal information.

By now, most of us don’t fall for ‘Nigerian, Lottery scams’ (at least I hope you don’t).  Additionally, the email scam where your friend or relative needs you to wire money to them because their wallet was stolen while they were traveling overseas also seems to have gone away.

But, the bad guys are getting more and more creative.  The thought of receiving a traffic ticket in an email isn’t far-fetched. If the document looks good enough, it may convince you long enough to click the button and print it out.

However, Florida (and I think the rest of the United States), at the moment, DOES NOT email tickets to anyone. Let me repeat this: Florida DOES NOT EMAIL TICKETS.

Traffic tickets in Florida are only given one of two ways. 

Most traffic tickets, and almost all speeding tickets are given the old fashioned way, by a police officer pulling you over and handing it to you.  The only other way a traffic ticket might find you is in your mailbox (your actual mailbox near your house, not your inbox).  These are red light camera tickets and the fact that they are sent through the mail (and not sent certified or any other way requiring a signature) is one of the biggest problems I have with them.

The government hasn’t made the leap from taking a picture of your license, and running it through a database. They can’t find your email and link the two, then send you a traffic ticket.  Don’t fall for this ridiculous scam.  Delete the fraudulent email as soon as possible.

Now that I’ve alerted you to what’s not a ticket, let me get back to helping my clients fight actual tickets.  If you have a Florida traffic ticket (a real one), and would like a free consultation, I’ll be happy to take a look at your citations and give you my professional opinion.  Just call me at 866-374-8355.