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Barry D. Kowitt is one of the founding partners at Unger & Kowitt, where they have helped over 500,000 people fight back. 

In this blog, he shares with you his views on the traffic ticket system, as well as providing traffic ticket solutions that really work, no gimmicks. Hint: saying "my car doesn't go that fast" isn't going to cut it.


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Don't Let An Out Of State Speeding Ticket Ruin Your Record

out of state speeding ticket

This holiday season, a lot of folks are going to be driving to visit family.  This means many of you are going to be crossing state lines and inevitably, this also means some of you will get an out of state speeding ticket.

Out of State Traffic Ticket Information

out of state traffic ticket
I am happy to introduce Adam H. Rosenblum a traffic attorney who practices in New York and New Jersey, as the author of this post.  Adam contacted us and thought it would be a great idea to give you his take on the subject of out of state traffic tickets, and I couldn't agree more. 

Ever wonder what happens when you get a traffic ticket in a different state?

How To Avoid Points On Your Florida Driver's License From Out Of State Traffic Tickets

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If you live in Florida and get a ticket in another state, I'm sorry to inform you that Florida will treat that ticket as if it were received in Florida.  So don't just pay it thinking the points won't transfer.  (You can read more on the topic of out of state tickets)

If I get a ticket in another state, what should I do?

out of state ticket

Having our offices in the southern part of Florida, you may not think we get asked about driving into another state and receiving a traffic ticket, but you'd be surprised.  Whether you are out of town on business in a rental a car, or if you decided to pack the family up for a long road trip out of Florida in your own car, getting a ticket in another state can have an impact on your driver's license.

Out of State Tickets – Points or No Points?

Florida Ticket?  Click Here to Fight Back

This question keeps coming up, so I thought I’d address it in our blog.  It deals with out of state tickets.  If you have a Florida driver’s license, and you receive out of state tickets from any state besides Florida, if you pay the ticket, you will receive points on your Florida driver’s license if the violation is an offense that carries points in Florida.  So again, for example, if you receive a red light ticket in another State and you pay the ticket, Florida will treat that ticket as if it were received in Florida AND put points on your driver’s license.

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