describe the imageWe are always preaching to people how bad points on your license are.  Here we address exactly how many points you can have on your license before your license gets suspended.

How many points can I have before my license gets suspended?



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If there's one question we receive more than any other, it might have to do with court costs and why they are so high.  Additionally, it can be very confusing why someone you know with the same violation got lower court costs than you.  Here we give you 4 reasons why.

4 Factors that can affect your court costs.


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Whether to fight your ticket (either by yourself or with an attorney) or just pay it and go to traffic school is another question we seem to get a lot.  This one's fairly easy.  Here we break it down for you.

Should I fight a traffic ticket or go to traffic school? It's really not that hard a decision to make.





describe the imageOne of the worst feelings is thinking you made the wrong decision, after it's too late to go back and fix it.  Hiring an attorney for a traffic matter, doesn't have to be that way.  Here are 5 questions to ask a traffic attorney you are thinking about hiring for your next ticket.


5 Things you must know BEFORE hiring a traffic attorney.



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Did you ever get a ticket and wonder what would happen if you just didn't pay it?  Do you want to find out?  Here's an idea, the next time you get a traffic ticket, just put it in a drawer and ignore it and then wait and see what happens.  Just kidding.  You don't have to do that.  We've gone ahead and answered that question for you.

What happens if you don't pay a speeding ticket?  Here's the answer