What the Florida Traffic Lawyers at Unger and Kowitt Believe

We believe that Florida's traffic ticket system has lost its way and become unfair, as the government's objective has changed from public safety to raising revenue. There is simply no other way to explain many of recent changes made within the system. We believe in helping people fight back when it's in their best interest.

Having defended hundreds of thousands of tickets, we know that officers make mistakes, equipment malfunctions, and things are not always as they appear. Only by fighting back, can you attempt to balance the scales.

Our goal is to get every ticket dismissed. After that, our main objective is to keep the points off our client's driving records to keep the insurance from going up; and we are so confident in our ability to do that, we offer to refund our attorney's fees in full, should anyone receive points for any non-criminal traffic infraction. Please call the office and ask for details.