Thanks Unger and Kowitt !! You are the best. You have had my case dismissed. I have recommended you to many of my friends and realives. I will continue to do so. If anyone needs a reference just have them call me.

Joe T. (Facebook 2/27/2015)

"They're the best i know i always go to them you should to."

Jorge G. (Facebook 2/26/2015)

"The best of the best se los recomiendo a todos hacen un magnifico trabajo ."

Kirelmis M. (Facebook 2/25/2015)

One word...RESULTS! I was a huge skeptic but these guys got my speeding ticket dismissed!!! Best money I've ever spent! Fast, efficient and amazingly convenient. Took care of the entire process online, did not have to go to court and made sure there were no points and no traffic school. Can't recommend this office enough! Trust their website and the online process - it will save you time and a lot of trouble! FIGHT BACK PEOPLE!!!

Loree G.  (Facebook 2/22/2015)

"Thank you!!!!: I am so grateful for the work of Unger & Kowitt. They really get tickets dismissed not just have the adjudication withheld, which is still technically a guilty charge. I will tell everyone to go to Unger & Kowitt. Ticket Clinic takes your money and then you have to pay court fees. It doesn't seem they try to work for you. Unger & Kowitt does."

Merchant Circle (12/14/2014)

"Just got out of the Court! Case was dismissed. Special thanks to Oscar and the entire law firm. You guys are rock solid!!!!"                                  
George B. (Email 7/23/2013)
 "If you need a lawyer to represent you for any traffic violation from speeding to parking violations contact Unger and Kowitt"

Anto T. (Facebook 5/1/2013)

"Fantastic results at an affordable price. I will never call anyone else."

Jean S. (Facebook 5/1/2013)

"I have used them before and they are the best!!!"

Leonard S. (Facebook 4/30/2013)

"It is rare that a company or person "exceeds my expectations", but this is exactly what Erika Andujar and her company, Unger and Kowitt did! As a result of a speeding ticket while on vacation in Florida, I received several legal solicitaions when I returned. I check the companies web sites and reviews and Unger and Kowtt were highly praised, so I made the initial call and ultimately talked to Erika. She was excellent from the start; professional, courteous and most important, timely. She explained the process and provided some insight what typically happens with cases like mine. In about a month her firm successfuly "dismissed" my case for which I am very grateful. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm."

Alan (Avvo 4/30/2013)

"Handled everything, so I could get my mind off the burden of the ticket. Not only did they handle the process, they got my ticket dismissed! I would recommend them to anyone and without a doubt use them again!"

John (Avvo 4/30/2013)

"I always have Unger & Kowitt take care of my tickets.  Always with much success."

Dudley C. (Facebook 4/29/2013)

"The only law firm I will ever give my business too. I was on the verge of losing my license and going to jail. But Marie did a wonderful job of explaining to me how they were going to help and I literally had to do nothing. I would recommend there services to everyone. Thank YOU!"

Sujay V. (Facebook 4/23/2013)

"Thank you for getting my speeding ticket dismissed.  You guys are the best."

Tommy S. (Facebook 4/22/2013)

"Thank You for helping me Dismiss 2 tickets!!  So happy I got ur business card from a friend, she highly recommended you and now I know why :)"

Galit M. (Facebook 4/17/2013)

"I was very impressed with how convenient and easy the process was handled online. Thank you very much for handling my case, I will definitely let my friends and family know about Unger & Kowitt."

German C. (Google+ 4/15/2013)

"Once again, you guys saved me from a totally unnecessary ticket from an overzealous, but nice, cop in Surfside.... no way he should have given me a ticket for the offense I supposedly committed, but I guess the city needs more funds, and he had a quota to fill. So what if I would have gotten fined hundreds of $$$... Thank goodness for you guys and the great work you do.... my undying gratitude to Unger and Kowitt AGAIN for pulling me out of the fire!!! Thanks guys!!!!"

Jay M. (Facebook 4/13/2013)

"Unger and Kowitt simply the best they work"

Jahcobee F. (Facebook 4/12/2013)

"I used them and there the best!!  They beat the system every time. . . "

Leonard S. (Facebook 4/11/2013)

"Last month I received a traffic ticket for $275 out of the blue in the mail, allegedly for neglecting to make a full stop before making a right turn on red. I was on vacation in Dade County and in a rental car, and was completely unsure that I was even the driver! After trying two other firms by telephone I was fortunate to find Monica Saroza at Unger&Kowitt who was extremely polite and informative. After viewing the video of the infraction , Monica explained that for $69 they would go to court for me, and fight the ticket. And indeed they did. She called yesterday with the good news that my case had been dismissed. 

Because these so called red light tickets come with no points, most folks just go ahead and pay them, feeding tens of thousand of dollars into the coffers of local municipalities, as well as to the owner of the cameras. Many states are striking the legality of these transactions down as unfair and illegal. 

I can highly recommend Unger and Kowitt to represent you efficiently and professionally if you find yourself in a similar situation."

Susan H. (Facebook 4/8/2013)

"I want to thank Kevin and his team for handling my ticket and doing and saying every thing they said they would and i am so happy that i went to them and the way i found them was by going through and talking to 20 different lawyers and none of them answer my ??? the way i wanted to hear so Kevin Unger was my last stop and he took the time to listen to me and he didn't brush me off at all and so i trusted him and yes he got me dismissed so i highly recommend him for any traffic tickets and remember each case is different so dont lie to him tell him the truth and then let him handle the case number was 13-016681T130A SO A BIG THANK YOU JOSEPH GOURLAY and GOD BLESS"

Joseph G. (Google+ 4/7/2013)

"Case dismissed!  Enough said.  Thanks again guys.  Juan. . you're the man.  Would recommend for sure.  Personal service and honest."

Santino C. (Facebook 3/29/2013)

"I have used the law firm several times and not once have I received a single point. On my last ticket I was prepared to pay court fees and this time I was able to avoid those as well."

Andy N. (Google+ 3/2013)

"I received 2 right on red tickets and the amazing team at Unger & Kowitt went to court on my behalf and they dismissed both of these tickets!"

Alex (Facebook 3/28/2013)

"So fortunate to find your company on line. My son got his first ticket in Florida and I am all the way in Jersey. So difficult to make decisions and organize things. Erika has been wonderful in all of her correspondance and when I spoke to her on the phone she was understanding and personable – a REAL person! As questions came up I emailed her and she responded in such a concise clear manner that has made the process seamless so far. Let’s hope the court date will go as well as everythng else. Thanks Erika for taking the stress from this situation! =)"

Elaine W. (Facebook 3/12/2013)

"Unbelievable!!! Unger & Kowitt are the best. . . they got my ticket dismissed . . . hiring them saved me money and time (they went to court for me) . . . I would strongly recommend them."

Ilya G. (Google+ 3/2013)

"Unger & Kowitt always do a great job with my tickets and their service is great."

Eduardo D. (Facebook 3/6/2013)

"Glad to say I was able to use these services in order to dismiss my traffic ticket.  I am very pleased and would recommend this company to others!  Use it for sure."

Adeeb Y. (Facebook 3/4/2013)


Robin J. (Google+ 2/13/2013)

"It's has been my privilege to have share time with Mr Kevin M. Unger at is office..yes it may sound strange but his personal service and great attitude made me feel welcome from the start ...turning a regretful situation into a pleasant experience."

Ray R. (Google+ 2/24/2013)

"Thank You!! You guys are great!!"

Vinay S. (Facebook 2/3/2013)

"Thank you Mr. Unger for your great work on my ticket you did all the hard work and followed up with a letter.  I will be using your company in the future and will strongly recommend you to all my family and friends."

David H. (Google+ 2/2013)

"Thanks for a GREAT job done on dismissing my accident ticket.  You guys earned a loyal customer."

Danny I. (Facebook 1/31/2013)

"Fast, responsive, and they get the job done. I was out of town when I received a traffic ticket. U&K explained all my options, and kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. In the end, the ticket was cleared even the court costs! 100% recommend them for any traffic citations."

Krishan N. (Google+ 2/2013)

"WORDS cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for a job well done.  How Kevin and crew got my ticket dismissed is beyond me..."

Jon F. (Facebook 1/29/2013)

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help with my traffic ticket.  I will continue to use your services in the future and recommend you to all my friends."

Carol B. (Via Email 1/23/2013)

"Super professional people!! Great results and no hassle! There's no one better to fight your tickets!! I recomended to my friends and i being using them for more than 10 years!! The best, no competition."

Enrique R. (Google+ 1/2013)

"Thank you Mr. Unger from the bottom of my heart for all of your kindness, compassion, hard work, dedication to justice and of course, for an amazing result!!!!"

Gina M. (Yelp! 1/12/2013)

"Two thumbs up! I had two tickets in same year, the first one no points/no court costs... the second one I completely forgot about until a year later when it finally went to court and much to my points/no court costs... thank you U&K... thank you God.... your firm is very professional and awesome. I hope I never get a ticket again, but if I do, you can be sure I'll always call you!!"

Toni V. (Google+ 12/2012)

"Kevin you represented me in court today NOT GUILTY was my outcome.  Thank you.  You are wonderful, may got bless you, keep up the good work once again thank you very much. . . ."

Petergay C. (Facebook 12/12/2012)

"Professional and caring service from the first phone call and throughout the case.  There's always someone there to answer your questions in a friendly, professional way.  My ticket was completely dismissed.  Highly recommend."

Edgar D. (Via Merchant Circle 12/7/2012)

"Kevin got my ticket dismissed!!! Thanks Unger & Kowitt"

Alexis A. (Facebook 12/7/2012)

"Thanks Mr. Unger for fixing my tickets."

Bryan A. (Facebook 11/29/2012)

"Thank you guys for your work on my case.  I had 5 tickets and thought I was trapped.  But you guys were the ram in the bush, my case was dropped.  Saving me over $700 Bucks.  God bless you guys."

Joshua N. (Via Facebook 11/12/2012)

"U & K is awesome! Whenever I get a tix, (Unfortunately) they always handle it for me! They are very professional and keep me updated on the status of my case. What's even better, NO POINTS OR YOU $ BACK!"

Grace F. (Facebook 10/30/2012)

"To Kevin Unger, Thank you so much for keeping my driving record clean. You did a great job."

Shlomo S. (Yelp 10/29/2012)

"I received a ticket which was totally unfair and I believe I got this ticket because I am a teenager which just purchased a new car.  The officer stopped me and asked me to get out of the car while he searched my vehicle and then frisked me.  On the ticket he issued he marked off reckless driver.  When he posted the ticket with the courts he posted speeding.  If I was a reckless driver at the time after doing what he did he should of arrested me.  

When I called  Unger & Kowitt to assist me with the ticket.  They reviewed the ticket only to find out that it didn't make any sense.   Either I was cited for reckless driving or cited for speeding.

In less than 2 emails of communication The attorney at Unger and Kowitt was able to get the ticket dismissed. Total investment of my time? Less than 15 minutes.

Anyone needing help with a ticket should certainly go to  Unger and Kowitt.  Thank you UK for making this effortless."

Charles S. (Yelp 10/29/2012)

"Unger and kowitt are fantastic lawyers. I have been using them for several years. In the past I used ticket clinic until I continued to be found guilty on minor traffic infractions. They guaranteed no points no fines which was a complete lie. I got convicted and they never refunded a penny.
I then used Unger and Kowitt. In the last 5 years and Unger and Kowitt's practice has NEVER returned a guilty plea!!!!! That is almost unheard of... it is obvious every case is different. But Unger and kowitt is special group of attorneys that care and time and time prove it with clear results.
Don't pay that ticket. Hire the best! Unger and kowitt!!! This is a real review from a real customer."

Robert D. (Facebook 10/29/2012)

 "I've been using them for probly 15 years now i believe, maybe more. Never once had any problems with them and great service!"

Cary S. (Facebook 10/11/2012)

"You guys are totally awesome and your staff leads the way in that."

Nicole M.(Facebook 10/28/2012)

"Thank you Unger and Kowitt.  You guys are the best  My ticket was dismissed thanks to your great job.  Have a great weekend."

Leonor R. (Facebook 10/26/2012)

"You Guys are the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Daniel M. (Via Email 10/25/2012)

"Thank you Mr. Unger and the best legal assistants, Mio and Myrlande you all are so professional, Intelligent, friendly and truly caring. Not only did Mr. Unger do everything he could when i was in court, his assistants did so much for me outside of court. Unger & Kowitt is the only Lawyers I will ever use if i ever find myself in another situation. I pray i will never need a lawyer again, but when you need the best, THEY ARE THE BEST! Thank you!!!! God Bless!"

C.C. N. (Facebook 10/10/2012)

"I would like to thank the both of you and your staff for your continued support throughout the years.  I continue to have the "safe driver" on my license thanks to your firm"

Jeffrey D. (Via Email 10/21/2012)

"Thanks for the great work.  You guys are fantastic."

Adam H. (Via Email 10/20/2012)

"Easy. Inexpensive. Hassle Free. Great Value. Most importantly: Successful!"

Arthur P. (Google+ 7/25/2012)

"Convenient. Affordable. Professional. Effective. .....all words that very accurately describe my experiences with Unger & Kowitt!"

Douglas R. (Google+ 06/30/2012)

"Kevin, Barry and their "CREW" are the best.  I have been using them since 1995 and would never dream to call anyone else!  Thank you for not only getting my speeding ticket DISMISSED with NO POINTS, but also NO COURT COSTS!!!"

Ginny H. (Facebook 08/04/2012)

"It would have cost me more than $100 to take one day off to fight this ticket.  I hadn't a speeding ticket in decades and researched U&K before hiring them.  I felt that the cost was reasonable and the additional savings to my record and insurance were more than worth it.  Everything I sent to them was via my Samsung Galaxy 7" Tablet including a photo of my ticket.  I made two phone calls to them for confirmation of my payment.  That was it. Total investment of my time? Less than 15 minutes.

I have always gone to court myself for infractions.  I will never represent myself again.

Thank-you Unger and Kowitt for making this effortless."

Keith W. (Yelp 08/15/2012)

"Within the first 5 minutes of meeting you and reviewing my situation, you gave me great confidence that you would take care of the situation. You assured me I had nothing to worry about and as I left your office I actually stopped worrying and felt like I had a very experienced, dependable and caring person and staff on my side. 
It's easy for someone to talk the talk, but as it turned out, you also walked the walk and delivered great results. Thanks again"

Jack R. (Merchant Circle 08/13/2012)

"Just one word: D I S M I S S E D! That's it!"

Cristina B. (Facebook 08/14/2012)

"Thanks so much for all your hard work.  It took forever but at least you were successful.  Thanks again"

Angelina R. (Via Email 08/21/2012)

"Thank you very much Unger & Kowitt!  I really appreciate your help with this and truly cannot thank you enough.  It really made my day to see that this ridiculous ticket was dismissed.  Thank you for helping to keep some fairness in the system!!" 

Kelli M. (Via Email 08/30/2012)

"I'm very thankful to you guys, you did an awesome job with my 3 tickets, you dismissed them.  What great fighters you are."

Edith C (Facebook 09/02/2012)

"Thanks to Kevin Unger for personally speaking to me over the phone and offering a great suggestion to me on how to proceed after a car accident!"

Gregory E. (Facebook 09/05/2012)

"I am writing to thank you for your great service in taking care of my ticket.  It gave me peace of mind to know that my problems were in your capable hands.  I definately will recommend you to anyone that I know is experiencing the same problem as I did.  Hopefully, I won't need your services anytime soon but it's good to know you'll be there if I do."

Ken M. (Via Email 09/11/2012)

"Mr. Unger, thank you for getting my ticket dismissed.  I understand that you were personally there."

Stephen B. (Via Text 8/3/2012)

"I was extremely happy to hear that my ticket was dismissed. I have a different situation than the norm. My husband received the ticket even though I was driving. The car was registered in his name. When the county was informed that the driver was wrongfully given the ticket they reissued the ticket to me but double the price.
I had been willing to pay the original ticket under my name. Not only did Barry Kowitt follow up on it personally, he was able to get the ticket dismissed.
I also want to thank Daniella who was instrumental in assuring me that everything was under control. The whole team were very personable and Daniella's follow up was commendable. Thanks again."

Sylvia K. (Facebook 7/25/2012)

"You guy's are the greatest! I can only rank you guy's as one of the few top legal defense firm's in South Florida that cares about their client's "best interests."! I've been dragged through the mud by a great number of attorney's and law firms in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale since 2001, and you guy's have give me hope that there are attorney's that care.

I was very skeptical about hiring an attorney, solely because I feared another miscarriage of justice due to previous ill treatment by attorney's. When I hired Unger & Kowitt to defend me in April 2012, I have found that there actually are attorney's who do care about client's, and when I spoke with the support staff here on numerous occasions from across the country to get updates as to case status, I was treated like a family member and left without concern.

Thank you all for working so diligently at attaining justice where justice belongs."

Stephen L. (Email 7/24/2012)

"Thank you Unger and Kowitt for getting my ticket dismissed! Another job well done. Your staff were great! Courteous, knowledgeable and cooperative! I will recommend you!"

Deborah S. (Facebook 7/24/2012)

"You can rely on Unger & Kowitt!!  They are incredible!  Their firm is 
affordable, easily accessible, and professional.  They know the current 
law and have an uncanny legal ability to beat tickets!  Their team was
able to get two of my traffic tickets completely dismissed with no 
fines.  If you want your driving record to stay clean and a lawyer you 
can definitely trust, I highly recommend Unger and Kowitt over and over again!"

Jill Z. (Email 7/16/2012)

"Kevin and his staff do an excellent job. I would highly recommend them and the services they provide."

Jonathan R. (Facebook 7/15/2012)

"Thank You Unger and Kowitt. You saved me time and money and got my ridiculous "no turn on red" ticket removed. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!! Hope I wont need yall again but if I do, I know where I will go!!!!!!"

Adam A. (Facebook 7/14/2012)

"I have received the news about my traffic ticket and how it was dismissed.  I really appreciate your effort."

Martha B. (U.S. Mail 7/13/2012)

"Anytime you need help with traffic tickets, make sure you go to @Ungerandkowitt !! They're awesome! #tickets #miami #traffic"

Isabella L. (Twitter 6/28/2012)

"Thank you Unger & Kowitt for getting my case DISMISSED!  You guys rock!!"

Caren N. (Facebook 6/23/2012)

"Great job on my red light ticket.  You got it dismissed."

Marc S. (Text 06/26/2012)

"Thank you so very much for your help with my traffic ticket.  I truly appreciate it and I will be sure to keep you in mind for future client referrals."

Elizabeth P. (US Mail 6/20/2012)

"I just wanted to take the time to send you an email saying 'thank you' for defending my recent tickets and keeping points off my license and out of traffic school.  Thank you for your help. Grateful and Humbled."

Christopher O. (Email 06/08/2012)

 "I've been using Unger & Kowitt for a few years now, they just got 2 of my traffic tickets dismissed. Easy to work with and well worth it!"

 Jayson G. (Facebook 04/30/2012)

"I have personally known Mr. Unger for 15 years. Over those years I have had numerous traffic infractions throughout the tri-county area and EVERY time that I have needed him and his team, they have, without a doubt DELIVERED!! 

Also, over these years, I have referred countless family and friends and have NEVER been disappointed! 
Unger & Kowitt are the best and the only firm that I would want representing me for ANY traffic infraction. 
Thank you Kevin and Barry for ALWAYS delivering and also to the whole staff, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Steve B. (Google+ 5/2012)

"They are the best in the business . . .great job once again!!"

Ingrid G. (Facebook 4/21/2012)

"I have used the lawfirm of Unger & Kowitt several times in the last ten years and have always been 100% satisfied with their valuable, professional, and effective service.
I am happy to write a glowing review. Thanks a million!!!"

Mami C. (Google+ 4/2012)

"I just wanted to take a moment and express my deepest gratitude to you and your amazing staff."

Colleen N. (Facebook 4/5/2012)

"We would like to express our appreciation for all your efforts and excellent counsel.  Sofia's case was resolved beyond our best expectations.  Please accept our delayed, but heartfelt gratitude."

Alvaro M. (E-mail 3/20/2012)

"They were absolutely wonderful!  They helped to dismiss both of my tickets!  The employee's are also great and very nice.  Definitely recommended!!"

Ashlee (Google Places 1/30/2012)

"I hired U&K from a friends recommendation. Best decision ever when it comes to traffic tickets. I filled out a form, called one time to tell them my situation, and a few weeks later received an email saying my ticket was dismissed! I would highly recommend them.  Thanks again guys!!"

Jason A. (Yelp 2/21/2012)

"Thanks Guys! Just got notified that my citation was dismissed yesterday! Great job!"

Dustin B. (Facebook 1/12/2012)

"EXCELLENT customer service -- WONDERFUL/PROFESSIONAL attorneys -- I am VERY pleased with Unger & Kowitt!!! I cannot thank you enough!!! But I will make sure to tell EVERYONE about your services and your amazing legal skills!!!"

Doc R. (Google Places 1/11/2012)

 "Here's a good story for you. A friend of mine received a ticket for failure to stop (Miami style stop at a stop sign) and retained someone from Alex Hanna to take care of it.  Lawyer never went to court, and now my buddy is fighting to get his license back and fighting the lawyer for his payments back.  Ever since you guys got me no points, no school (didn't mind the court cost), I refer anyone I know that needs a traffic lawyer."

Alexis G. (Facebook 1/10/2012)

 "I was referred to Unger & Kowitt by an old school friend to handle 2 traffic citations. They were able to get both tickets dismissed saving me well over $400 in fines. I couldn't be happier with the results!

Traci W. (Facebook 1/7/2012)

"I have been taking my traffic tickets to Unger & Kowitt, for the past 10 years, and they keep exceeding my expectactions.  I will recommend this law office to anyone that needs expert professional legal advice. Thanks for saving my CDL license."

Melvin C. (Merchant Circle 12/27/2011)

"Was represented twice, once for my wife and second for myself and both experiences were great.  Very professional and cannot argue with the outcome."

Feizool K. (Merchant Circle 12/14/2011)

"Thank you for your help in solving my traffic ticket issue.  I highly recommend your law firm."

Fabian L. (Merchant Circle 12/14/2011)

"Unger & Kowitt are truly the best attorneys for traffic tickets.  They got me off 2 Speeding tickets free and clear.  No court fees, no traffic school.  Completely dismissed.  Thank you and I will always recommend you to all my friends and family."

Abdul (Merchant Circle 12/9/2011)

"Unger & Kowitt are truly the best attorneys for traffic tickets. They got me off 2 Speeding tickets free and clear. No court fees, no traffic school. Completely dismissed. Thank you and I will always recommend you to all my friends and family."

Edgar F. (12/1/2011)

"You are the best!  Your efficiency, your warm and courteous staff, phone and E mail constant updating....incredible!  There are N0 games. Everything is upfront and direct.  Thank you for professionalism which relieved my extreme stress at feeling helpless as well as the concern via phone that reassured me that my case was being handled thoroughly and that I was important as a person and a client."

Elizabeth W. (11/9/2011)

"Thank you very much, guys for your excellent job!"

Eduard (Merchant Circle 10/20/2011)

"This law firm is doing a wonderfull job, keep it up guys....."

Musharaf K.  (Facebook 10/5/2011)

"Just  want  to  say  'thanks'  for  your  help  with getting me in the clear and resolving my ticket issue . . . I'll definitely be using your services again."

Leah S. (10/3/2011)

"Would like to say thanks for getting my ticket dismissed. You guys have a great team and every one I worked with was really nice.  Thanks again and I will surley pass you guys on."

Bob F. (9/28/2011)

"Just wanted to say that these guys were referred to me by a friend and they are THE BEST!!!  The last time I hired a ticket clinic I got my license suspended because the firm never appeared on my behalf...But since I had friends on Facebook that had used them, I went with their firm . . . and then they called & emailed me after the hearing to let me know everything was dropped!!! No points, no school, nada!! They are very professional & dependable.  I would recommend to ANYONE!!!  Thanks guys, you're the BEST :)"

Robin P. (10/12/2011)

"Want to say 'Thanks!' for the great job having my speeding violation dismissed. You indeed will be referred to anyone I hear of that gets a traffic violation. I will highly recommend you, just as my friend highly recommended you to me.  Best wishes to a great team!"

 Claire M.  (8/30/2011)

"I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for all your efforts in dealing with my traffic citations.  When I first went into your office I was very nervous about the speeding citation, because of my previous driving record.  You and your staff were very professional every time I called.  I will definitely recommend you to all my family and friends that get traffic citations. "

James P.  (10/20/2011)