Red Light and Red Light Camera Tickets

Whether you have a red light ticket given to you by a police officer or a red light camera ticket received in the mail, we believe in fighting back.

  • Don't assume because there's a photo that you have to pay the ticket
  • Don't just pay the ticket the officer gave you and get points
  • There are multiple defenses for all types of red light tickets

Explore this map of red light cameras in South Florida!

View Red light cameras in South Florida in a larger map

Watch Your Red Light Camera Video

If you have your notice of violation including your pin number, you can CLICK HERE to watch your video.


red light ebook


Did you get a Red Light Ticket?  Either from a police officer or from one of those cameras?  No worries.  Either way, we've got you covered.  This eBook has everything you need to know to help you try and get it dismissed.  There are a lots of hidden secrets and tricks in there you can use in court.  And the best part . . . it's absolutely FREE.

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