A Reckless Driving Conviction Can Land You In Jail.  We can help.

We believe the system is not always fair.  Just because an officer writes you a ticket for "Reckless Driving," does that mean that you should have a criminal conviction on your license or possibly go to jail?  In many cases, this type of ticket is a judgment call and should be fought.  We're here to help people fight back.  At Unger and Kowitt, we have criminal defense attorneys that will do everything legally possible to keep a conviction from appearing on your driving record and keep you out of jail. 

Did you know:

  • Reckless Driving in Florida is a misdemeanor and a conviction could result in 90 days of jail and a large fine
  • The traffic ticket attorneys at Unger & Kowitt have been helping people with reckless driving citations since 1995