We Handle All Types of Traffic and Criminal Matters

Most people think of a DUI when they think of a traffic criminal violation, but there are many others that can be very serious.  Racing on the highway, leaving the scene of an accident, knowingly driving with a suspended license and reckless driving are but a few of the traffic criminal matters that can land you in jail.

Did You Know?

You can wind up in jail for a traffic criminal matter!!

Our attorneys have over 40 years combined experience with traffic criminal related tickets?  We are in court almost every day fighting a criminal traffic matter.  Put that experience to work for you. 

Don't Be Alone!

The government has a prosecutor on their side.  Don't try and fight a criminal ticket by yourself and wind up in jail or with a criminal conviction.  You should have a professional on your side fighting for you. 

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We offer a free consultation on all traffic criminal matters.  Call us at 954-370-9999, or click below.