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We believe Florida's traffic ticket system is unfair, as it's become more about money and less about public safety.  We're here to help you fight back. Just fill out this form and a member of our legal team will contact you immediately to start working on your case. 

For all traffic infractions, we offer the following:

  • No Points or Your Money Back

  • Free Consultation with an Attorney

  • Fast, Efficient Hiring Process

  • We'll go to court on your behalf

For more than 17 years, we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients with all their traffic ticket needs.  Put our experience to work for you.


Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Hey Guys just got the text message that you got my ticket dismissed! AWESOME!!! Great job and thank you! I will be sending you more business soon!"

                                                                                     Gabriel G. (Facebook 7/22/2013)

"Thank you for winning Joe's case! No points! No court costs! Wooohoo! Now fingers crossed on my ticket!"

                                                                                     Holly C. (Facebook 7/12/2013)


"We would not use anyone else, Unger and Kowitt are the best, and the price is right too! We are very happy with our results!  Nothing better than finding out they got the ticket dismissed!!!"

                                                                                 Karen C. (Facebook 6/3/2013)

"Great job on my red light ticket.  You got it dismissed."

Marc S. (Text 06/26/2012)

"Thank you Unger & Kowitt for getting my case DISMISSED!  You guys rock!!"

Caren N. (Facebook 6/23/2012)

"You can rely on Unger & Kowitt!!  They are incredible!  Their firm is
affordable, easily accessible, and professional.  They know the current
law and have an uncanny legal ability to beat tickets!  Their team was
able to get two of my traffic tickets completely dismissed with no
fines.  If you want your driving record to stay clean and a lawyer you
can definitely trust, I highly recommend Unger and Kowitt over and over again!"

Jill Z. (Email 7/16/2012)

"Thank you Unger and Kowitt for getting my ticket dismissed! Another job well done. Your staff were great! Courteous, knowledgeable and cooperative! I will recommend you!"

Deborah S. (Facebook 7/24/2012)

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